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Join a Multi-Award Winning Anti-Racist Firm

Prestige Awards Winner Peerless Executive Awarded BEST PRESTIGE AIRPORT TRANSFERS BUSINESS 2024 – South East England. The Business Concept Awards 2024.


Join a Multi-Award winning & Anti-Racist company


We’d like to work with you for your driving competence and ability – not your pretty looks.
We operate an equal opportunity recruitment policy – merit based. Drivers are recruited for their driving skill and ability NOT their ethnicity or skin colour or appearance ie Covert racism or unconscious/ implicit bias.

We’re not like the others so we don’t regulate moustache or beard length. Hipsters, bearded, clean shaven, bald or ponytailed. Some wear headscarves or hijab, others turbans and yarmulkes. One’s appearance is a basic human right and in accordance to Anti-discrimination laws it would not only be legally but more so morally wrong to discriminate on grounds of ethnicity/ appearance or religion – so we’re proud to boast that we’ve already got some of the ugliest in town!! After all, a taxi driver is hired to drive, and physical appearance does not affect driving ability or alertness, or intellect. Besides for most part of the journey passengers will undoubtedly get a great view of the back of your head, whilst you focus on the road ahead.

It somewhat beggars belief BAME (British: Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) people are expected to integrate into society whilst being denied equal opportunities and discriminated against. Particularly first-generation and multigenerational BAME graduates having to endure with forbearance racial and religious discrimination together with inherent institutional racism, leaving most alienated others disenfranchised, some radicalised (Source: Prevent). Tokenism is rife and white privilege prevalent; a beautiful thing somehow, whitewash. Covert racism or unconscious/ implicit bias resulting in BAME graduates failing to even touch the glass ceiling let alone break through, such a massive waste of talent. Untapped potential capable of adding £24 billion a year to the UK economy (Source: McGregor-Smith Review 2017). Ethnic diversity in UK boardrooms and senior management lags almost two decades behind gender equality (Source: Spencer Stuart 2015 Board Index), despite the positive action measures encouraged by The Equality Act 2010 to redress under representation and foster diversity in the workplace. In spite of the hyperbolic news churned out by Britains infamous but most read gutter press; The Daily Mail and Red top tabloids – how the current 13% BAME population in the UK could ever pose a threat to the 87% white british indigenous inhabitants is simply pig-ignorant.
(Source: ONS, DWP.)

It’s okay to be different.

Be different. Be You.

Autumn Is a Second Spring

Unlike our peers’ we don’t have alter egos which need to be stroked before you see a mile of a good fare. There’s no Train the dog’, brownnosing or Give the dog a bone’ policy at play !!. No daily corruptions and irritants which plague the shadowy world of private hire taxis; feeding culture, begging bowls and the tyrannical dispatcher giving plum jobs to relatives and ass-kissers. At PEERLESS EXECUTIVE there’s no pecking order of family members and relatives and friends, peers and sects and castes. Which means all our work (including the cream) is distributed fairly – no preferential treatment… and did we mention there’s NO Base Fee & NO 15% Commission to pay – on Loss Leaders (Airport runs, London trips and other journeys)

Not even ‘The Suits’ are wearing suits anymore!!

We’ve found from experience that a smart casual dress code creates a more relaxed atmosphere in the vehicle, putting the driver and passengers at ease. After all the business suit wasn’t tailored for driving. Unless you’re James Bond (or Frank Martin) – who has the magic of filmmaking to ensure his bespoke suit won’t be wrinkled when he exits the car, nor does he need to worry about seatbelt abrasion. Which renders the whole act of wearing a suit twentyfourseven whilst driving a taxi futile in portraying a corporate image in worn out and tired stained suits with seat belt abrasions. So unlike our peers we don’t needlessly discipline our drivers to wear a suit and tie 24 hours 7 days a week, sheeplike. Which means our drivers are comfortable and at ease – focusing on the road ahead, resulting in better journey experience for our passengers.

To be frank, why a taxi driver would wear a suit and tie evenings and weekends let alone 24/7, simply defies common sense. Wearing a suit during working hours Mon – Fri 9 – 5 is rational atleast; maybe they’ve just attended a job interview or a meeting with the bank manager, perhaps a first date – wedding – funeral.
It’s comical to see taxi drivers across Berkshire over-dressed in suits (ill-fitting and wrinkled) wearing tie twentyfourseven, driving private hire taxis conveying passengers from the supermarket, restaurant, pub or to/ from the airport, who probably can’t even remember the driver’s name the morning after let alone whether they were suited or wearing tie.

Your appearance is your right

Would’nt the world be a boring, samey samey place if we all looked the same. Difference should be celebrated not discriminated!! Besides you didn’t exactly have a choice over what skin colour you’d like, or your appearance, etc. How then, does skin color and ethnicity or religion

Just Let It Rain

Small wonder taxi drivers flocked to Uber in the masses, escaping the shadowy world of private hire taxis plagued with tribalism, feeding culture, tyrannical dispatchers and faff. Rest assured, we don’t operate a caste system of the gujar’s and jats; choudary’s, raja’s and bengaladesis from pakstan of First Class Executive / Twentyfourseven; the malik’s of Prestige cars and Elite cars; mirza’s and untouchables, romanians of Loddon cars.

Best of all, you’ll not be discriminated against for refusing to subscribe to peer worshipping, hadithism and sectarianism – as practised by these companies, pakindians and mainstream muslims. Whether you choose to live as shia or sunni, schisms ought to matter not. By the same token, if you prefer instead to live by the holy book (Quran) as a non-denominational muslim, that’s your prerogative. To each his own.. Right ..!? Recruitment > Working together

Driver : Passenger Interaction

You’ve been hired to drive, not to brownnose passengers and stroke their egos, acting obsequiously or to engage in deep conversation. Nor are you expected to counsel or interrogate them.

We just want you to be yourself and focus on driving – what you’ve been hired for!!!. To pay attention to the road ahead. Besides most people hire a taxi for transport ONLY to convey them from one location to another – not to chit chat. in so doing causing distraction and posing a risk to themselves and other road users. Driving taxis generally at high speeds, reacting to traffic and road conditions and constantly adapting to other road users – does require focus and concentration. Shut up and drive.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Richard Branson

Reach your destination on time, everytime

It’s okay to be different

Be Different. Be you.