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Prestige Awards Winner Peerless Executive Awarded BEST PRESTIGE AIRPORT TRANSFERS BUSINESS 2024 – South East England.

The Business Concept Awards 2024

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We’re Multi-Award winners 2024

Prestige Awards Winner Peerless Executive Awarded BEST PRESTIGE AIRPORT TRANSFERS BUSINESS 2024 – South East England. Peerless Executive 2023 Awarded BEST EXECUTIVE AIRPORT TRANSFER SERVICE – SOUTHEAST ENGLAND 2021 CORPORATE VISION AWARDS & Winners of Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2021/2022 for Airport Transfer Service of the Year.

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Which Service Level do you require?

I’d rate them as Excellent

I recommend this company unhesitatingly, having booked their cars regularly for over a year now. They are consistently reliable, have always arrived on time, and their team are friendly and organised. I’d rate them as excellent. Emma, regular taxi booker, Wokingham. January 2019 READ MORE

We’re Game Changers.

We do things differently to the rest. Keeping things simple and getting the basics right.

Whilst the competition was distracted and obsessed with tribalism and schisms and politics and rivalry and egotism – We became motivated to react and disrupted the marketplace.

Instead of following the herd and imitating the larger players in the game and entrenched competition – as every other new company did. Spending all their time and effort distracted by micromanagement and running brown-nosing worshops with in-house training. Needlessly reprimanding drivers and tracking their movements (pun intended) with 24 hour spot-checks to monitor dresscode – All for rock-bottom prices. Thereby proclaming to be ‘Entrepreneurs‘ – somehow? only because they serviced ‘Supply & Demand’ due to Market-factors, inadequate public transport infrastructure and so running Lifestyle-businesses. Largely Asian & Family-run because they couldn’t get jobs in mainstream employment owing to systematic racism. Increasingly by immigrants fresh, unable to understand market forces at play. Let alone the concepts of Business/ Pricing/ Marketing Strategy, so employ the classic Undercutting to desperately increase Sales Volume at the cost of Profit Margin – giving them something to do. Timepass‘.

We realised most customers calling for a taxi simply require transport. Well – it was pretty obvious really, hardly rocket science!!. Customers simply do not request a specific car marque or model – they do not stipulate a ‘MERCEDES E CLASS when they book a taxi..!!

Let alone requesting a clean shaven driver, or concerned about their appearance or religion or schisms.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022. Book Online

After a decade in the industry, never have we had a customer request a Taxi Driver to be dressed in a suit and tie Twentyfourseven. After all suits were not designed for driving unless you’re Frank Martin

By eliminating all this faff of regulating drivers moustache & beard lengths, dresscodes of suit and tie around the clock, with taxi drivers parading around driving late-model executive class vehicles as standard taxis – We managed to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs and pass the savings realised – directly back to you. Uber-esque. Focusing instead on providing taxis on time – everytime, clean cars driven by competent drivers. Empowered drivers, Summed up by Richard Branson; “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

Ofcourse, we too have an impressive selection of Executive class vehicles available for special occasions – at a premium. Drivers can be supplied wearing a suit and tie – they’re called Chauffeurs!!

We offer three service levels: ECONOMY CLASS TAXI – BUSINESS CLASS TAXI – FIRST CLASS TAXI/ CHAUFFEUR SERVICE. Which ever service level you choose – we’ll be there. That was easy!! Wasn’t it.

How do we compare?

Peerless Executive – Multi-Award Winning Taxi and Chauffeur Service 2023.

These Rates are Current & Valid 2023 Same Price 24/7 Fixed. Applicable to all areas within Berkshire including Ascot & Windsor / Sunninghill, Arborfield, Barkham, Binfield, Charvil, Crowthorne, Earley and Lower Earley, Finchampstead, Hurst, Remenham, Ruscombe, Shinfield, Spencers Wood, Three Mile Cross, Twyford, Wargrave / Reading / Woodley & Sonning, Winnersh, Wokingham. Bracknell & Maidenhead

* PREMIUM ECONOMY RATES are Calculated from Council Hackney & Private Hire Tariff: (Distance (miles) x Tariff 1 Running Mile (£2.10) + £4.10 first mile)) (NB. Extra time for traffic delays chargeable at £0.28 per 38 seconds not included. Current Hackney & Private Hire Tariffs can be obtained from the Council or from PHTM (Private Hire Taxi Monthly ); “Tariff 1 (For hiring between 6am and 11 pm); For a journey of up to 836 yards or 190 seconds or part thereof – £3.00; For each subsequent 167yds or 38 seconds or part thereof – 20p”

For all other destinations & vehicle range including Bentley, Rolls Royce, Range Rover contact us for a competitive quote. Rates advertised are current and valid. * denotes special offer

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Richard Branson

Reach your destination on time, everytime

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Which Service Level do you require?

Economy Class Taxi

Simply getting you from Point A to Point B on time, in comfort and safety. Affordable travel.
We get the basics right and keep it simple.. s Offering you a variety of saloon vehicles at budget rates. Suitable for all your taxi needs.
Our Economy class comes without compromise – Sit back and relax in comfortable seats, enjoy the journey.
Drivers are dressed smart casual – Not suit and tie, thereby saving you £7 – £15 OFF your LHR return taxis, or atleast £20 – £26 OFF Gatwick or Luton return taxis.

Economy class rates:
Wokingham to Heathrow £30, (Wargrave to Heathrow £23)
to Gatwick or Luton or London and Southampton £55.

Business Class Taxi

Offering you an executive taxi service for special occasions, weddings, corporate events.

Typical vehicle supplied is the Mercedes E Class or similar i.e BMW 5 and Audi A6 and Jaguar.
The luxuries of business class over premium economy are immediately apparent with the three-pointed star of the luxury brand. Prestige cars
The E-Class Saloon is engineered from the ground up for more comfort – prestige cars for an executive experience.

Typical business class rates:
Prestige cars from Wokingham to Heathrow £70, Prestige cars
to Gatwick/ Luton/ London and Southampton £120.

First Class taxi /Chauffeur

The finest luxury limo vehicles chauffeur driven supplied with refreshments and complimentary Wi-fi, the red carpet treatment for those special occasions, corporate events, weddings etc.

Vehicle range is Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Mercedes S Class – with air suspension to give you a wonderfully cushioned ride, effortlessly smooth’s out the bumps, and barely any road noise.

A first class experience.
There are fewer relaxing experiences than driving an S-Class – the only thing that can top it is if you’re in the back seat, being chauffeured.

First class indicative rates;
Wokingham to Heathrow £85, First Class
to Gatwick or Luton or London and Southampton £140.

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We get the basics right and keep it simple.. s

We do things differently to the rest!! We’ve removed all the faff of taxi drivers overdressed in suit & tie twentyfourseven prancing around in expensive first class executive or prestige cars – to focus on the basics: Getting you to where you need to be, on time, in comfort and safety – and passing the savings back to you!!
Wokingham to Heathrow £30 & to London, Luton, Gatwick or Southampton £55 Fixed rate 24/7. Be Driven Direct.
You can expect;
Your taxi to arrive a few minutes before the booked time, giving you peace of mind. Settle into a clean and licensed taxi, be driven direct to your destination in safety and comfort, by a licensed and experienced driver. We keep it simple as 1, 2, 3;


Professional and personal service to all of our clients. Our fleet of cars includes Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6 & A8 as BMW 5 & 7 series as well as 6, 7 & 8 seat MPV’s, estates and saloons to meet every possible demand and occasion. We operate all year around 24/7 and provide a guaranteed pickup for all Pre-bookings. We believe that our company is one of the most competitive taxi companies within the Berkshire region

Travel Technology

Peerless Executive provides best possible service to its customers by using latest technology. We are able to offer a pick-up time of less than 15 minutes (during non-peak times) for the majority of journeys. In addition,
when a driver arrives at their pickup address they simply inform the client of their arrival by using our latest cab


Peerless Executive uses unique software to enable it to reduce dead mileage in the majority of its journeys.
This allows quicker response times to pick-up their passengers. Our fleet of cars is less than 5 years of age thus using lower CO2 emissions and helping the environment.
We are looking to bring in hybrid vehicles wherever possible.

Corporate Accounts

We don’t just secure the best fares, the most innovative itineraries, the slickest online tools or the most experienced consultants. We’re there as an extension of our clients’ own organizations; their out of house travel department. Our online account management system offers a comprehensive reporting suite allowing you to make advance bookings, check previous or pending bookings.


Prestige of Wokingham, operates prestigious class of vehicles, Driven by well trained, punctual for time & highly experienced drivers. We have served our customers for past 4 decades and we are still serving them. A part of this, there are several reasons to choose Prestige of Wokingham over other competitors. 

Our Staff

We have honest, trustworthy, reliable, respectful and friendly people in our staff to serve you nicely & Professionally.

Company you can Trust

Our company and vehicles are licensed and insured, our vehicles are serviced and maintained to the manufacturers guidelines..

Our Service Areas

We offer our services mainly in Wokingham and surrounded areas such as Ascot, Gatwick, Heathrow, London, Sunningdale, Slough.

Competitive Rates

We offer affordable and competitive rates guaranteed, we don’t compete aggresively on price but instead your satisfaction.

Professionally Driven

Our drivers are experienced and highly professionals, we take care of your safety, security and comfort.

Timely Service

We are committed to pay attention not only to minutes instead of seconds to the booking timings.