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How does your current supplier compare?

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PEER LESS EXECUTIVE 2023 Prestige Awards Winners 2022/2021 Peerless Executive

How does your current supplier compare?

Based upon online reviews and/or customer feedback and /or driver experiences

Prestige cars wokingham

“..Prestige Cars at Aldi or Lidl prices...”

” Prestige Cars Wokingham drivers are good pedigree..’


“.. Maliks Terribly cheap Like Coolie are smartly dresses.. trained in The Art of Customer Servant’ to carry luggages like porters on the head . ..


“…offer great pickme up in late model Mercedes after a pint from local for peanuts £3.80 drivers are Courteous with servile manners...”


” . Pakindians ‘trained to serve us nicely & Professionally’ for pound tip. ..”


Prestige Cars Wokingham drivers love the tip and trained in Buttering up. They serve nicely..’.


Prestige cars wokingham are 1/2 price of uberBLACK & Even cheaper than Uber X low-cost Economy select.’


“… Very experience businessman stretch the Pound so much stretch..’  

 Prestige Cars of Wokingham online reviews

Trust us to provide you with excellence.

There is nothing more valuable to us than the kind words that we receive from our satisfied clients. The services that we provide to world-class companies. Together we have built a trustworthy business relationship in delivering high quality, professional service at very competitive rates.

Loddon cars

Loddon Cars AKA  LC chauffeurs AKA Adams Cars Henley AKA Budget cars –


Loddon cars Director THE BUSINESSMAN Wasup Wasem is heart & soul a . . . .


O goodness gracious me. £34 for MERCEDES with Client-Focused Service to Heathrow from Berkshires. £75 is charging the TEPEES peejout auto-rickshaws for same ride on meter from station rank. Kya baat hai. Mercedes is half price of tepees and skoda or hiyundeye, or Vokeswagons, toyata or vauxAlls sitting there on taxiranking..


Funny is Loddon cars drivers all trained to Chatting us nicely for such LOW prices. by the ways flat rate all the day everydays because time matters.’ ‘.. Awesome enterprise for end-Users at rock-Bottom rates. What a boon.’


.. ‘..Extended family run enterprise of illegal immigrantion from pakStans. .extremely motivated in cheap taxis with operations managed out of Pakistan based call-centre-factory..Family run enterprise of 10 and counting. 5 taxi drivers Mirza brothers – cannot rate them highly enough’ professional businessmans Very cheap are Customer Servant Beyond .Expectations’. with Cheap european / pakindian drivers impeccably turned out trained in bootlicking, had a nice chats, disciplined to go the extra mile for the tip.’ Loddon cars online reviews


LODDON CARS B0SS picking 4 large cases All the Way Up’ to bedroom from car boot and drivers puts luggages on seats


“.. Waseem is True Gentleman he knowing treat lone female costomer. “He Lead by example Director Wasup gives obsessively client-focused service’ for any complaint about if ‘..a driver not nice enough..!.’ or ‘..a driver not smart enough..!.’.. You’re Fired .. Again.. he takes pride Customer is Always right, Customer is King because Wasup is Busnesman, business his baby’...”


Sad to say this Loddon Cars is in disarray now, debt-laden and financed to the hilt Trustpilot-NOV 2022


.. ‘ Waseem likes to iron things out to avoid situation going forward ofcourse with an offer of compensation’. 100% customer satisfaction company policy so ‘Immediately drivers are penalised ; warning ; disciplinary ; fired. For Any complaint x 3 [X] [X] [X]


Giving customers generous compensation each time”. Everytime with (..’flowers..’, ‘..perfume..’,’..£10 discount off every taxi for 6 months.’.,’..complimentary milktray..’ ‘ free taxis for 3 months’.. ‘Rose’s.,’ free taxis to gatwick & back’, ‘awarded us FREE £20 taxi ride,.’.. Moet & Chandon..’ With Compliments Loddon Cars


He even had the audacity to drive me to a cash point at a petrol station to get the cash out. I point blank refused to pay a single penny more. Loddon Cars need to remind their drivers that it’s a criminal offence to charge customers extra for using card payment. October 2022

Wasup is desperate Busnesman.  Complaint handling Professionals’! Cheaper than Uber 50% for chauffeurline taxis drivers in uniform Same price day at night..’   Loddon Cars AKA  LC chauffeurs AKA Adams Cars Henley AKA Budget cars – Loddon cars business reviews & feedbac

First Class Executive

First Class Executive aka TwentyFourSeven aka Wellington cars
FIRST CLASS EXECUTIVE is Blue ribbon AWARD-WINNING service. This company truly deserves the ephitet “First Class


.. cannot believing my eyes na.. toh cheap taxi fare £36 to heathrow port in MERCEDESBENZ.. Mega value ride na. Station taxicab is charge £72 for same ride in VAUXHALL ZAFIRA like riksha bouncing bounce bounce. Toh mercedesBenz is cheaper than riksha…Bossman Naj Ji is bout clever busness man.. ”..




Frist in Class MERCEDES for £65 to Gatwick from Wokingham. Station taxicab charge £118 – £127 for same journey in PEUGEOT. Value bragain..”.


First Class Executive / TwentyFourSeven drivers are domesticated attired in business suits twentyfouseven… attended a Wedding or Church still in their Sunday Best’ses.. driving expensive Executive MERCEDES-BENZ as local taxis.


£36 to aIrport for ‘pakla and bangla takse’ drivers are ‘Chaudry, rajas and bengaladesis from pakstan’. Is double value for half the price. We like it.. we use it’    First Class Executive aka TwentyFourSeven aka Wellington cars online business reviews

Swift cars

“.. Taxi drivers turned Waiters #driven to serve you.Waiter, Waiter, do you serve lobster? Bring him in Sir, we’re not fussy who we serve here! well behaved dog. Driver agreed and agreed pickup..”


“.. Be very careful when you book a car and they quote you a price. You get a verbal quote only and they conveniently forget what they quoted you. Of course you can’t prove their error. I will never use this company again…”  Swift cars wokingham

Platinum cars

Platinum Executive AKA Global Executive AKA Churchill Executive . 

“.. Platinum Cars Wokingham are Desperately Cheap professional pakindians.’ Only £35 from RG40 to London Heathrow in First-rate taxis nice fleet most new Mercedes-Benz’..’.. the local taxicabs from station rank charge £75 for the same journey in FIAT, Honda and Peugeot Teppees..’


.”.. Drivers are rigorously screened and trained ….’taxi drivers / directors Bilal Muhammad & Azam Muhammad & Azeem Muhammad are Cordial ..”Fresh from pakStans dressed in their wedding suits setting a great impression for clients and investors visiting our site..’


’.… Its Silver service at economy rates cheaper than Uber and 1/2 price of UberBlack”. ‘


Like Coolie drivers trained in Luggage Handling.’.highly suggest drivers have good training like iqbal aslam khan‘ . Like the way they work !


..Great Value Drivers are rigorously trained so they love ChatTing us back there and take prides giving helping hands for extra miles satisfactions..for little tip brown-nosed pakindians swanning around in Mercedes taxis wearing costume all day and all the night..’ .


‘..put Large suitcases on passenger seats inside car its Cheaper than hiring a van.. Like the way they work !


Desperately Cheap Professionals isn’t itPlatinum Executive AKA Global Executive AKA Churchill Executive . 

Elite cars Excel cars

Elite Cars AKA Excel Cars AKA Brittania Cars AKA Platinum Executive Car

Entrepreneur Malik Ash Khan and the guys at ELITE / EXCEL cars like to bend over with friendly smile to give personal service to all clients for curry favor. Where Service Matters’. ..



Livery is Modern MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS with drivers wearing suit + tie day’n’night for £34 to Heathrow from Wokingham..’ Local taxicabs charge £79 – £99 for SAME journey in CADDY Volkswagon or ASTRA. ..At those rates unsure how they turn a profit after deduction of fuel £7-£10 for 60 miles return. Takeaway Drivers pay min hourly £8 – £18 / two hours for flight delays or road traffic. Less commission £6. Leftovers £10 to cover operating and running costs and finance, capital or leasing and depreciation and repairs and servicing and maintenance. Leaving NIL Gross or Net profit margin before taxes or pensions..’ Timepa$$ 


Ash is professional Director he always picks me up with a complimentary Flat-White when i land at Heathrow – He’s a gentileman ; ) ‘   


 ‘.. They provide the highest quality of service and Exceed expectations at rock-bottom prices’


Cheap pakindian drivers trained to Serve – Excel in fawning for the tip. Nothing is too much ask for professional helpful drivers like curry favor – they really do go out of their way”.  

Bees Taxis

Going the extra mile..

…” Every Asian taxi drivers from Wokingham & Windsor Maidenhead ring my bell. Wait 20 minutes free. takes my rubbish out, carry cases, …


another one SHMUN I think his car – bangaladesi from PAKstan offers massage for feet complimentery because I tired. …


All company policy trained wearing suit tie day’n’nite from Prestige Cars – First Class – Elite / Excel / Platinum Cars & Loddon Cars all driving Benz-Mercedes. Ash and the guys (at Elite / Excel / Platinum Cars) like to bend over with friendly smile to give exceptional service for a tip. make me feel Queen.. They all cheaper than UberEconomy. To say the least this has been the worst service...”


and then some..

“.. All taxi drivers in and around Wokingham and Reading take pride in their jobs: from Loddon Cars, Prestige Cars, First Class, Excel or Elite Cars, Platinum /Global Executive too Are well taimed – Yes weve used’ them ALL!! EACH & EVERY driver goes Extra mile… & “trained to serve you nicely & professionally” for couple pounds tip…. Ill have you know they ⭐️ carry our bags like porters and even my hand baggage, ⭐️ Ironing, ⭐️ cleaning and ⭐️ washing up too!! ⭐️ Complimentary massage and water, sweets and Coffee.


The Elite Cars BO55 likes to go the extra mile and picks me up with a Flat White from Costa when I land at Heathrow. Now that’s “Where Service matters”!!


All for £34 in Mercedes like chauffeurs prancing around in suits twentyfourseven making me feel SuperSpecial. Their all even cheaper than Ubers economy UberX by the way. !!


Peerless Executive is a Multi-Award winning company 2022/2021 operating a fleet of licensed taxis, executive chauffeur vehicles including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW and Audi;

Driven by licensed and insured, experienced drivers. We cover Berkshire, West Berkshire and we are well located for Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London. We have the facilities to transport you to any location across the Southeast and UK.


Offering you reliable taxis @ fair prices. Wokingham to Heathrow £27 Fixed rates 24/7. To Luton or Gatwick £55. Be driven direct.

Prestige Awards Winner 2021/2022 PEERLESS EXECUTIVE wins BEST EXECUTIVE AIRPORT TRANSFER SERVICE – SOUTHEAST ENGLAND 2021 CORPORATE VISION AWARDS & Prestige Awards Winners 2021/2022 & Winners of Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2021/2022 for Airport Transfer Service of the Year.

Prestige cars

Reach your destination on time, everytime.

Prestige of Wokingham, operates prestigious class of vehicles, Driven by well trained, punctual for time & highly experienced drivers. Prestige of Wokingham, offers affordable yet luxurious & comfortable limousine services for your big day or party in Wokingham. Prestige of Wokingham, offers affordable and easy to book Airport Pick & Drop services in Wokingham. Simply book using this form or give us a call and we will be right there for airport pick & drop. Wedding Chauffeurs. Prestige of Wokingham, helps you make your big day memorable by providing affordable wedding chauffeur services in Wokingham. If you want to hire a clean, well maintained & decorated car for your wedding then don’t look else where. Business Travel ‘ Are you looking to hire a car for your business trip, or you need to attend an urgent meeting in short span of time, Prestige of Wokingham, also offers chauffeur services for  corporates & businesses. Prestige of Wokingham, operates prestigious class of vehicles, Driven by well trained, punctual for time & highly experienced drivers. Prestige of Wokingham, operates prestigious class of vehicles, Driven by well trained, punctual for time & highly experienced drivers. Family vans – You have planned a short weekend trip to the beach with your family or you want school or airport pickup & drop for your family or kids. Prestige cars of Wokingham is there for you. Just give us a call or book a van for your family and we will be right there to pick you up. Easy Online Booking – We offer quick & easy ways so you can book your journey easily. You book our cars using our website, mobile apps or via phone call. Competitive Rates – We offer affordable and competitive rates guaranteed, we don’t compete aggresively on price but instead your satisfaction. Well Maintained Fleet – We operate prestigious class of vehicles driven & maintained by well trained professionals. Timely maintenance and frequent precautionary measures assures that we always run well maintained fleet.

Don’t miss a thing

How does your current supplier compare?


Prestige Cars Winners PEER LESS EXECUTIVE

Not to toot our own horn,

but ..haven’t we been doing well..

Wishing on a star . ….

If I could give no star would. Taxis servises is On time and driver safe driving. Cars is nice clean so relax. Just we didnt like drivers thats it.”

Mino Lyke. (From Bulgaria – ) Valadimir Galabov. MADMaidenhead And Bracknell. 2019 GOOGLE MAPS REVIEW

In reply to Mino Lyke – The clue’s in the name, they ‘drive(r)’ ‘taxi’ – take you from A to B. I doubt you’ve ever liked train drivers? or bus drivers? or pilots?.. Didn’t think so!!! Opt for our First Class Chauffeur Service and then you’ll like the drivers for sure, at that price a few drivers may even like you back, for anything’s possible.. well..?
Perhaps you dislike a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you like a thing and it is bad for you.

Prestige cars in the Loddon area at very reasonably rates. Great start to 2023. Alok Sharma. January 2023.

Read more Customer Reviews & Feedback.

Price Match Promise

PEERLESS EXECUTIVE 2023 Prestige Awards Winners.
New for 2023 Price Match Promise.
To uphold our Price Match Promise we actively monitor the prices offered by our competitors and adjust our own pricing accordingly. Our 2023 rates are in line with local companies. We are so confident that we offer our customers unbeatable value for money, that if you get a cheaper quote from another UK based website, then we will match it or refund you the difference. Book online.

Our rates are competitively priced in line with local companies.

Fixed Rates 24/7

Because Time Matters – Price too, Never beaten on service or price.

T’is the season of goodwill

It just wouldn’t be fair or ethical to charge extra over the festive period

TEL: +44(0) 777 880 2028

We’ll beat any competitor within 50 miles radius, otherwise atleast match them.

Och, Lovely driver, pure brilliant
Hou’s it gaun? Your driver was dead brilliant on my date night when ma heid’s mince, up to high do. Nae problem

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye. ye know

Ms Shona Whitehead, Berkshire

First Class Executive

Trust us to provide you with excellence.

Nothing pleases employees, clients and potential clients more than knowing they’re being looked after. Your business deserves a professional chauffeur company that will transport valued people punctually, confidentially and in great style. With our business and executive transport service, your employees and clients will be served by an excellent chauffeur service that gives them privacy and comfort as they go to and from meetings.

We pride ourselves on providing nothing but excellence.

Arranging airport travel can often be stressful, especially when taking changing arrival and departure times into account. This is why our Airport Chauffeur Service emphasises convenience and timeliness.

Our Executive Business Class Chauffeur Service places the emphasis on professionalism and punctuality, ensuring that you arrive at your destination in plenty of time, while also exuding the professional air that will ensure you make a great first impression prior to highly-important meetings.

Blending sophistication with the freedom of open-top driving, The Rolls Royce and BENTLEY are is an exacting balance of uncompromised luxury and exhilarating sensory experience.


Join Us for the Ride


A more dynamic character all round.

Untitled design - 2021-12-16T111957.579.png

Ready to measure even the greatest challenge with ease. Discover the outstanding properties of the new E-Class Saloon. As dynamic, elegant and luxurious as never before. CAPACITY : 3 persons


The ultimate driving machine.

Untitled design - 2021-12-16T112730.391.png

The BMW 7 Series Saloon impresses from the very first moment with its exceptional presence. The 7 Series impresses with its supple ride, spacious and quiet interior, comfy seats, and wealth of standard tech and safety features.


“S-Class retains the luxury crown.”

Untitled design - 2021-12-16T112403.868.png

Luxury in every detail. Experience the unique exterior and interior design of the S-Class. Every part of the interior is a pleasure to see and touch: from the steering wheel, trimmed in Nappa leather, with Touch Control buttons; to the 12.3-inch display screen with a continuous glass cover for a smooth and seamless finish.


Stress-relieving comfort at the highest level.

Untitled design (2).jpg

It captures your environment with even greater precision and anticipation. It can react even faster and thereby alleviate even more hazards from the start. Above all, it relieves the driver and other passengers more effectively than ever before.



Untitled design (4).jpg

Continuing its long legacy of delivering a premium driving experience, the BMW 5 Series embraces a simple design language while at the same time injecting a sense of flair. With a refined yet athletic presence and increased levels of connectivity, discover a supreme saloon experience that is perfect for business or pleasure.


Travel in luxury, arrive in style.

The seven-seater Ford Galaxy is much more than a people carrier. This luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) pampers driver and passengers alike, with premium level comfort and space. Optional ergonomic seats offer extra back support.


Practical and agile with a powerful presence.

Offering the design of a coupé, the spaciousness of a saloon and the variability of an Avant – the Audi A7 Sportback combines the best of all worlds and is a dynamic all-rounder for business and leisure.

Peerless Executive is The Multi-Award Winning & Anti-Racist company;

Sit back and relax, we’ll get you there

“People say the customer is always right, but you know what – they’re not. Sometimes they are wrong, and they need to be told so.”

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair Boss.

How do we compare?

How does your current supplier compare?

Reading & Woodley & Sonning – Wokingham Chauffeur Service – MAD Maidenhead And Bracknell

Which service level do you require?


Simply getting you from Point A to Point B on time, in comfort and safety. Affordable travel.
We get the basics right and keep it simple.. s Offering you a variety of saloon vehicles at budget rates. Suitable for all your taxi needs.
Our Economy class comes without compromise – Sit back and relax in comfortable seats, enjoy the journey.


Executive taxi service for special occasions, weddings, corporate events. Typical vehicle supplied is the Mercedes E Class or similar i.e BMW 5 and Audi A6 and Jaguar.
The luxuries of business class over premium economy are immediately apparent with the three-pointed star of the luxury brand. Prestige cars – premium service.


The red carpet treatment for those special people, VIPs. Chauffeur driven service is available for any occasion, corporate events, weddings etc. Vehicle range is BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Mercedes S Class – with air suspension to give you a wonderfully cushioned ride, effortlessly smooth’s out the bumps, and barely any road noise. A first class experience.
There are fewer relaxing experiences than driving an S-Class – the only thing that can top it is if you’re in the back seat, being chauffeured.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Richard Branson, Virgin Group.

These Rates are Current & Valid 2023 Same Price 24/7 Fixed. Applicable to all areas within Berkshire including Ascot & Windsor / Sunninghill, Arborfield, Barkham, Binfield, Charvil, Crowthorne, Earley and Lower Earley, Finchampstead, Hurst, Remenham, Ruscombe, Shinfield, Spencers Wood, Three Mile Cross, Twyford, Wargrave / Reading / Woodley & Sonning, Winnersh, Wokingham. Bracknell & Maidenhead

PREMIUM ECONOMY RATES are Calculated from Council Hackney & Private Hire Tariff: (Distance (miles) x Tariff 1 Running Mile (£2.10) + £4.10 first mile)) (NB. Extra time for traffic delays chargeable at £0.28 per 38 seconds not included. Current Hackney & Private Hire Tariffs can be obtained from the Council or from PHTM (Private Hire Taxi Monthly ); “Tariff 1 (For hiring between 6am and 11 pm); For a journey of up to 836 yards or 190 seconds or part thereof – £3.00; For each subsequent 167yds or 38 seconds or part thereof – 20p”


We get the basics right and keep things simple as 1..2..3

1. Punctual and Reliable

It always starts with good timekeeping. On time – Everytime. Your driver will arrive up to 10 minutes early – Giving you peace of mind. We’ll monitor flight arrivals, traffic reports and road conditions to avoid any possible delays. Drivers are trained in Best routes and navigation. Because time matters

2. Steady hands on the wheel

Our drivers are licensed, insured, vetted and DBS checked. With good driving skills, trained to guarantee you a comfortable journey. Experienced drivers with a safe driving history, alert and sober, responsive to other road users. You’re in safe hands.

3. Safe, clean comfortable cars

Our prestige cars are licensed and insured. Late-model and well maintaned. Strictly No Smoking, valeted and cleaned frequently. Which means a pleasant ambience and a better journey expereince for you. Sit back and relax. Be Driven Direct.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Richard Branson

Straightforward, Transparent – Fixed rates. No hidden charges. No surge pricing. Flat rate 24/7 in line with local companies – because time matters

Reliable transport across the Thames valley and London Southeast England

Our rates are published below – We’re honest and transparent. Rates advertised online are current and valid from 19/10/2015 until further notice and revised

Current Rates 2023

You’ll find that we don’t charge extra for meet greet – No extra charges for delayed flights and No surge pricing. Flat rate 24/7. Simply, clear and transparent pricing with no hidden charges.
We will beat, if not match – any like for like genuine quote.

Airport and Taxi Rates 2022/23:

The Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022

From Berkshire to/from Heathrow £27.

From Berkshire to/from Gatwick £55.

From Berkshire to/from Luton Airport only £50 .

Above are Flat rates 24/7. Same rate applies to Wokingham & Finchampstead, Maidenhead & Bracknell, Ascot & Windsor, Woodley/ Sonning & Reading, Henley & Marlow. Fixed prices in line with local companies. Book online today at

The Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022

Book online today – There will be many events & activities celebrating the Jubilee across the UK Commonwealth and beyond in the months leading up to the special extended bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June 2022. Read more

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Covid-19 update

Wearing a face mask. providing hand sanitisation where possible. Read more

Since the Covid-19 flu virus started in late 2019/ early 2020 and following the first of several lockdowns in March 2020 through to the end of 2021 – Read the Governments guidance on Covid-19 > Read more

The World skipped a beat.. .

Reducing the number of people travelling in the same vehicle where possible. Drivers are advised to open windows to improve the flow of fresh air.
Switching on Air-conditioning in vehicles – set to draw in fresh and not to recirculate it.
Ensure vehicles are regularly cleaned, in particular between different users
Provide guidance to drivers and temporary staff on the steps they can take to reduce risks when travelling in a vehicle. wear a face mask where possible

Reading taxi Wokingham taxi Ascot taxi Windsor taxi Maidenhead taxi Henley taxi Marlow taxi



Winners of Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2021/2022 for Airport Transfer Service of the Year.

TEL: +44(0) 777 880 2028